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Friday Finds: Pinterest Inspiration, Favorite Favors, Real Weddings

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Today’s Friday Finds showcases some local vendors and brilliant inspiration from the wedding world.

1. First, our favorite Pinterest user to follow right now is La Tavola Fabrics. If you want to be blown away by gorgeous fabrics and unique prints, see their showroom in Beverly Hills (like I did this week!) – or check out their site for an advanced search. But their Pinterest page is probably the most droolworthy one we’ve seen from a vendor in a long time. Take a look (and see you in a few hours!)

For this wedding, styled/designed by Social Hour Events, La Tavola's Tuscano collection was used. Photo by Blue Window Photography.

2. Earlier this week, we posted about some excellent small businesses that provide delicious and creative gifts. Treats like caramels and macarons also make great wedding favors, don’t forget. Vendors can often package their products accordingly for smaller servings that can be placed with escort cards, in a basket at the end of the night for a good night sweet, or at each place setting.

Apple Pie die for!

3. Lastly, our favorite Real Wedding is this fun Queen Mary expedition shot by Don’t Smile Now. A truly unique wedding with tons of personality.

Have a great weekend -stay dry out there!

Small Business This Christmas: Top Local Vendors for Holiday Gifts

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The economic downturn has forced many Americans to re-evaluate their priorities, and has heightened the public’s awareness of home-grown small businesses – vs. buying lesser-quality goods made overseas. While I’m a fan of Starbucks and confess to buying some of my kit (duct tape and lighters, that kind of thing) at Wal-Mart, I constantly refer and purchase from small businesses here in town.

My black Friday was spent shopping from the following wonderful local businesses:

1. Fleur De Sel Caramels from Superfine Bakery: These are hand made with great care, and frankly, they’re addictive. People get hooked! You can purchase at Superfine’s Etsy Store.

Delicious. Photo by Andrea Bricco Photography

2. Mulberry Row: Not only do Alicia and Robin create gorgeous florals for my clients’ weddings, they have a lovely shop in Sherman Oaks that sells clever, elegant, and one-of-a-kind offerings like sumptuous scented candles, objets to pretty up the home, and fine-quality stationary and cards. They are hosting an open house this Friday and Saturday,
November 30th & December 1st, from 4PM to 8PM. Like them on Facebook or contact at for information. 13365 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA.

3. Soft Peaks Confections – This company is devoted to artisan, delicious custom-crafted macarons. Their top flavor this season? Bacon Banana. It has to be tasted to be believed!

Raspberry Kettle Corn macarons

(Psst…caramels and macarons make great wedding favors too!)

Sweets for the Sweet

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Amy Atlas popularized the dessert table, and since then, they have become an event staple.  The trend – which appears to be here to stay, thankfully – has inspired many pastry chefs and bakers to create edible works of art.

Cake pops have become very popular as table favors, and they can also be perched in a short vase or bowl.  Recently King Pretzel provided not only cake pops, but delicious caramel turtles made with pretzels.  I literally had to walk away to keep from stuffing my face with them!  (Of course I discreetly tried one or two before, with permission, before the event began!)

An adorable Tux cake pop by King Pretzel.

Scones are fantastic for tea-themed bridal shower, or for a brunch wedding – we had the pastry talents of Sticky Fingers Baking Co., based in Ventura, at a recent shower.  The scones were both sweet and savory, and they specialize in gluten free sweets as well.

Beautiful salad in the foreground, luscious scones in the back...great spread for a brunch celebration. Cuisine by Sticky Fingers.

From my past post on a Sauvignon Blanc Pound Cake, you know I love it when alcohol and pastries mix, and sure enough, Immaculate Confections’ rum cake is to die for.  It’s sopping with Rum, but you can taste the rich vanilla bean behind the liquor. I’d have showed you a picture of the rum mini-bundt, but…I ate it!

And speaking of liquor, dessert liqueurs are a whole other category in and of themselves.  They’re a fabulous accompaniment to cake, and lovely passed during the final toast of the night (say, the bride and groom raises a glass to their guests after cake).  My favorites:

  • Tawny Port.  Rich, with a taste of figs.  Great with a vanilla or yellow cake.
  • Cream Sherry. Yeah, could I sound like more of an old lady? But I looove the taste of cream sherry. Beware – it goes down easy – just a couple sips’ll do ya.  Try Dry Sack – great with a dark chocolate cake.

And don’t forget about cake tables too – 4 – 5 cakes can be gorgeous all on their own!

A beautiful spread of cakes by Superfine Bakery at one of this spring's Castle Green events.

Oh dear…I’m starving now.  I just made some whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, so to the kitchen I go.  Because they’re whole wheat, they’re not BAD for me, right??

Wine plus Cake equals Perfection

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My new favorite magazine is Southern Living.  My mom used to get it a long time ago and it was a straightforward publication that covered food and gardening in equal measure.  It’s slicker and hipper, but hasn’t lost that southern charm, y’all, and the production design is exquisite.  It’s become a key part of our event design/inspirational arsenal.  (Camellias in simple white china? Effortless perfection!)

The recipes continue to delight, and last night, I was paging through my latest issue.  They had a whole article on poundcakes (this is the kind of magazine Paula Deen no doubt has been reading since childhood – we’re talking 2 sticks o’ butter in every cake) and one had sauvignon blanc as a key ingredient.

I have a wedding coming up at a restaurant, and their least expensive wine was around $35. I suggested to the clients that I research some wines being sold at the 5cent Bev Mo sale that, even with the corkage fee, could save them around $200-300 total.  I took on this horrible arduous task (buying wine! tasting it! buying some more! drinking it!) and discovered some awesome white wines.

I’m not a fan of whites, but I tried enough delicious chardonnays – leaning towards the brighter, fruitier type vs. the bottles with that unctuous, buttery layer – to win me over.  I recommend the Montevina Chardonnay, which with the sale is $12.04 for every other bottle – quite a deal.

The other white I tried (well, I tried 3 – I must be thorough, after all!), was a Sauvignon Blanc by Santa Rita.  Delicate, crisp, light, this works for fish or a cream sauce pasta – lovely, particularly in the summer, but you know, I had to open it, so I’m working my way down the bottle. (I know…this is a really tough, demanding job.)

And then I read my latest issue of Southern Living, and lo and behold, a recipe for Sauvignon Blanc Pound Cake.  Butter, sugar, and wine.  Really, it was a slam dunk.

To hell with the icing...we couldn't wait. The cake is good enough on its own.

Here’s the recipe, but I made some changes that you might find worthy:

– Substitute one cup of white flour for whole wheat to subtract some of the guilt

– Reduce the sugar by 1/2 cup – you won’t miss it, unless your taste buds are particularly dull. I’m not a fan of super sweet stuff.

A close might be able to see those incredibly healthy flecks of whole wheat flour, surrounded by mass quantities of butter and sugar.

At your wedding:

Superfine Bakery’s champagne cake is to die for.  Light, yet, dense with flavor – like a vanilla cake with something extra.  Absolutely perfect. I’m also a fan of Plusko’s champagne filling. Mm-mm!