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Sweets for the Sweet

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Amy Atlas popularized the dessert table, and since then, they have become an event staple.  The trend – which appears to be here to stay, thankfully – has inspired many pastry chefs and bakers to create edible works of art.

Cake pops have become very popular as table favors, and they can also be perched in a short vase or bowl.  Recently King Pretzel provided not only cake pops, but delicious caramel turtles made with pretzels.  I literally had to walk away to keep from stuffing my face with them!  (Of course I discreetly tried one or two before, with permission, before the event began!)

An adorable Tux cake pop by King Pretzel.

Scones are fantastic for tea-themed bridal shower, or for a brunch wedding – we had the pastry talents of Sticky Fingers Baking Co., based in Ventura, at a recent shower.  The scones were both sweet and savory, and they specialize in gluten free sweets as well.

Beautiful salad in the foreground, luscious scones in the back...great spread for a brunch celebration. Cuisine by Sticky Fingers.

From my past post on a Sauvignon Blanc Pound Cake, you know I love it when alcohol and pastries mix, and sure enough, Immaculate Confections’ rum cake is to die for.  It’s sopping with Rum, but you can taste the rich vanilla bean behind the liquor. I’d have showed you a picture of the rum mini-bundt, but…I ate it!

And speaking of liquor, dessert liqueurs are a whole other category in and of themselves.  They’re a fabulous accompaniment to cake, and lovely passed during the final toast of the night (say, the bride and groom raises a glass to their guests after cake).  My favorites:

  • Tawny Port.  Rich, with a taste of figs.  Great with a vanilla or yellow cake.
  • Cream Sherry. Yeah, could I sound like more of an old lady? But I looove the taste of cream sherry. Beware – it goes down easy – just a couple sips’ll do ya.  Try Dry Sack – great with a dark chocolate cake.

And don’t forget about cake tables too – 4 – 5 cakes can be gorgeous all on their own!

A beautiful spread of cakes by Superfine Bakery at one of this spring's Castle Green events.

Oh dear…I’m starving now.  I just made some whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, so to the kitchen I go.  Because they’re whole wheat, they’re not BAD for me, right??

Preview to Paris: A French-Themed Bridal Shower

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I’m going to be in Paris in a few weeks for a wedding, an intimate celebration in the City of Lights. My top three cities are Chicago, NYC, and Paris – I can’t quite choose between the three – they all have their particular appeal, special hit to the senses.  But Paris has an even more ethereal allure, being across an ocean, worlds away from any American city.  So, I consider myself quite blessed to be able to bring my amazing clients’ wedding to life in ooh – La La, Paree.

On the way to the big day is, of course, the shower.  The bride had a very specific, elegant, lush aesthetic, combining essential Parisian elements (white bird cages, silver candlesticks, roses) with all the fixings of an afternoon tea.  (Tea, by the way, is as wholly French as it is British, but that’s for another post, another time.)  The ladies of the family brought out heirloom tea sets and we collected decor on sale at various outlets, and together all worked to create the ultimate backyard tea party.  I had a wonderful time assisting, and took a few snaps before the crowds arrived.

Homemade macarons by the bride's wonderfully talented sister in law.

A beautiful salad by Sticky Fingers Baking Company.

I volunteered to arrange the flowers - here are lisianthus with roses.

A long king's table with candlesticks, flowers, and silver teapots along the middle.

Lemon cupcakes with lemon curd filling...delicious!

Bellinis, gourmet teas, homemade lemon curd, clotted cream from Chado Tea Room, and scones and salads by Sticky Fingers were all on the menu, along with a fully stocked tea station.  The weather was sunny and perfect; it couldn’t have been a better day.  If it’s any foreshadowing to the wedding itself, we’re in for a treat a la Paris.