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Wedding Planning: Basics and Beyond

This two-hour one-on-one workshop provides straight-to-the-point instruction on how

to tackle the planning of a wedding from the ground up. Sure, weddings are pretty and fun, but they don’t get that way without a lot of unglamorous prep and knowledge – from permits to plumbing to power. Dee’s ten-plus

years of experience executing events both large and small allow you to learn the key aspects of successful wedding planning without the hard knocks – because you don’t want to learn on the job when your clients’ event is at stake! Learn more about this workshop here or contact us to sign up. All workshops are virtual via Zoom.


You’ve worked in the industry for years and you’re ready to go on your own – or, you’re ready for a career change. How do you grow a business to be profitable, and avoid burnout? Over the course of running No Worries, Dee built a referral-only business booking her calendar full every year without advertising, and built a model to maximize profit and minimize effort. She learned the hard way, so you can learn the easy way, and start your wedding planning business with confidence. This workshop is also ideal for florists, caterers, and venues. Get more info here, or click the button below to send us a note to set your date! All workshops are virtual.

The Lifesaver:

Custom Consultations

Need a very specific set of questions answered? Want to tackle marketing your

business, or learn how to build a profit model?  Tired of excessive client demands and desperate to set effective boundaries?  Tell me your biggest problems, and I’ll craft a custom consultation workshop series designed for you.  Our goal is to assist vendors in making more money, and have more fun doing it.  Click the button below to tell us about your key concerns, and we’ll take it from there!