Dee Gaubert, Owner  |   Armed with a mix of TV production and corporate event planning experience, I started No Worries in 2010. I worked hard, with a laser-like focus, to make each wedding a success, but when I stopped to take in the special moments of each event, it dawned on me the privilege and the honor it is to nurture and care for one of the most important days in someone’s life. And as other events fell into our laps – from Paris destination elopements, to 400-person conferences, to custom corporate events and product launches – that same joy of seeing a successful event unfold continued to inform our work. I am passionate about educating the consumer, and wrote the webseries and book “The Five Biggest Wedding Planning Myths,” in order to enlighten couples everywhere about the truths and realities of wedding planning, and lessen their stress and confusion.  I’ve also weighed in as a wedding expert for such media outlets as and Kcal9, all in the name of helping brides and grooms navigate the wedding planning process with sanity and joy.

Now, I manage the site (based on my book of the same name), and consult with aspiring and established event planners to help them succeed and serve their clients best.

Facts about Dee…

  1. Coffee…lots of coffee.
  2. Dee is a huge mystery-and-British TV show buff –happiness is a couch, cardigan, tea, and PBS on the ‘telly.’
  3. A film school graduate, Dee is obsessed with movies. She draws inspiration from all media, but especially loves turning to classic and current movies, as well as set design,