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What our consulting clients have to say:

The Events Essential workshop along with the Systems and Strategies workshop completely whipped my business into shape.  I was able to take most of the things that I’d learn in the workshops and implement them immediately and not only that, but also I have a clear plan and it’s because Dee’s workshop gave me specific tools to help grow my business.   Thank you so much Dee for everything! I’ve already told you this, but you have changed my thought process and the organization of my company for the better.  All the best!!!

– Summer Newman, Summer Newman Events

Dee provided thoughtful feedback in a consultative way, I can tell she truly enjoys helping others grow and become successful! I left feeling motivated to tackle my to do list with a sense of purpose, direction and relief!

-Raihni Vaughn, Rare Sophisticate Events


Workshops and Consulting Services

With hard work, foresight, and concise strategies, Dee Gaubert has found success as a wedding and event planner, and has shared her knowledge with peers and aspiring planners alike. She offers her honest yet supportive guidance in two ways:

Systems and Strategies.  A three-hour small-group workshop at the offices of No Worries, covering critical elements of launching and developing a profitable event planning business. Common mistakes and lessons learned, as well as in-depth research into the industry, inform this interactive workshop. Participants will experience a compact, customized presentation that would otherwise require hours of research and study. Download more information about Systems and Strategies here.
Event Essentials: Successful Wedding Planning – the Basics and Beyond.  This is an intensive, 3 to 4 hour workshop chock full of crucial and career-building instruction on the building blocks of successful events.  Dee also provides advanced insight about managing client expectations, creating realistic budgets, and vendor selection and oversight. Every element of event planning is covered here; this workshop is essential for recent grads and newly minted associates and assistants just making their way into the job market.  Lastly, Dee explains how to nail that first (or second, or third) job in this dynamic and quick-growing industry. Click here for more information: NoWorries Event Essentials Workshop Information
KickStart Consulting Series: A Four-Part One-on-One Consulting Series to get your business off to a solid start.  Profit sooner, profit more, and maintain outsanding, joyful client relationships with this intensive four part coaching series with Dee.  We get right down to brass tacks with this series, starting with a concise business structure, plan for allocating and spending startup capital, setting sales goals, managing client relationships, and everything in between. Absolutely essential for ensuring a smooth, financially sound start to your business. Click here to read about the Kickstart Consulting Program.



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