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We had another adventure in the City of Lights this spring, for our clients’ romantic April wedding in Paris.  Because the wedding industry in Paris is just starting to take shape (more often than not, Parisians either marry at City Hall and have a lower-key party, or they have their celebrations in the country), we are diligent and exhaustive when researching just the right venues.  Le Pharamond is a venerable, old-school restaurant with gorgeous salons-privee (private dining rooms), and had opulent French decor, an ideal location, willingness to work with a special menu, and, flexiblity when it came to space.  We were able to reserve the entire 1st floor (second floor, in American terms) for the dinner.

The wedding took place at the Square du Vert-Galant, as the bride wanted a romantic, truly Parisian experience in a park or other romantic nook in the city – Paris is quite laid back about small ceremonies popping up in their gorgeous public spaces.  We first pinned our hopes on Jardins du Luxembourg, but being property of the French Senate, we were only able to gather a permit for photography. Then, a protest was scheduled on their wedding day.  We had two backups in our corner at the ready, and the bride chose the enchanting Vert-Galant.

The photos are by Yann Audic of Lifestories Wedding Photography, and flowers by Estelle Preston.  Both vendors have charm, skill, technique, and reliability in spades.  Along with my own rockstar associates, Rhonda Richford and Clementine Bloch, the group made for a ‘dream team,’ for a dream wedding. Special thanks to all!

Handpicked Macarons and Pastries for the pastry table

The bride handcrafted beautiful paper goods, such as personalized labels for the gable boxes (perfect for filling with pastries)

A traditional croque em bouche for dessert

The view from the ceremony site - as if you are floating on the Seine