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By now, you may have read about how to ask for cash gifts, and how to find quality flatware and china; for the third and final post in our mini-blog-series about wedding registries, we’re uncovering some of the coolest stuff you can register for.  And to see even more, check out our Pinterest board, eloquently titled…”Awesome Wedding Gifts.”

  1.  Today I was just literally doubled over with pain from the onion chemicals after chopping an onion in my food processor. So yeah, these goggles would come in handy.
  2.  Had a boho-style wedding? Keep the trend going with this sweet line of boho dinnerware at Target.
  3. For the more modern couple: This stainless steel bathroom set.
  4. Oh so clever cheese and cracker serving board!
  5. Perfect way to grill if you’re still living an apartment – and not too pricey to put on the registry.  Love this cute little grill.
  6. Gorgeous peony-patterned bedding by Martha Stewart.
  7. Did you say coffee?? Okay, I’m willing to renew my vows just to be able to ask for the new Ninja Coffee Bar…this magical machine must be mine someday…a (caffeine addicted) girl can dream.

Happy planning, happy shopping!