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Fitness on the Move: Working out tips while Working Hard

By September 23, 2019January 18th, 2021No Comments

So, when I was a wedding planner, I weighed about 10lbs less than I do now. Even when I was working a more compact schedule as my business matured, there were the hours on my feet, running from one meeting to another, and so on and so forth. (Add a young child to the mix and yeah, I got pretty lean!). I wasn’t strong, though, and even developed bursitis in my hip and arthritis in my knees.   I tried to implement working out tips into my schedule but it didn’t go that great. I just didn’t have a consistent schedule.

When I ‘retired’ from wedding planning, and started working a regular 9-5, I was sitting more, and also being over 40, started losing muscle mass. And guys I mean it happened like OVERNIGHT.  I was worried about heart risk as my belly fat increased, and also losing strength in my joints, i.e. worse arthritis, so I knew I had to figure something out.  See below for how to weave fitness into a busy schedule.

  1.  Have a few backups in your workout schedule.

Everyone says “just calendar it so you won’t forget it.” But if you’re freelancing or work in the service industry, like us, that doesn’t always work.  I have a pretty consistent schedule now so I usually do a Beachbody on Demand workout every night, but then a networking event comes up, or a childcare situation, or whatever.  So, I have a maxiclimber in the corner of my living room that I can hop onto randomly whenever – an early morning, weekend afternoon, or Sunday night to gear myself up for the workweek.  The Maxiclimber is super cheap too – way cheaper than a gym membership.  There are lots of options for great exercise machines you can use at home.

Hiding in plain sight…the MaxiClimber.

2. Make it so easy, you can’t not do it!

Speaking of gym memberships, I finally got to the point where I cancelled my yoga membership and any other outside classes.  To change, drive, workout, and then drive back took too much time.  Thanks to the beauty of technology, you can buy a Beachbody subscription (or Barre3, or whatever suits you) for so much less than a gym costs – and the workouts are legit.  I’ve been working up to 30 minutes of Insanity every night, and lost 3 lbs and gained a decent amount of muscle within the first 2 months (I know that doesn’t sound like a lot – I’ll explain more in #3).  There is quite literally no excuse. I even watch tv while I work out!  So it becomes some precious me-time without taking me out of my house and thus away from my responsibilities (and yes, I’ve jogged over to the stove while my son’s mac n cheese is cooking, mid workout).


Insanity beachbody on Demand workout tips

Actual text during Insanity workout…

3.  It takes a minute.

So, I only have 10 pounds to lose, but I’ve been gaining muscle.  So I’ve had more defined arms and legs, but in 4 months I’ve only lost 3 lbs.  As my metabolism increases – thanks to that muscle mass – I’ll start seeing more fit and firm aspects to my body. It’s a long game. But exercise isn’t supposed to be a short term habit – it’s for life.  Keep that in mind, and make sure you choose a workout regimen you enjoy, and keep it easy – and before long you’ll start seeing improvement!