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Friday Finds: Cool Champagne Chiller, Sequins Galore, Christmas at Casa Del Mar

By January 11, 2013No Comments

1. I was delighted to receive this gift from a dear friend for the holidays, and it’s a must-add to a registry: A decorative wine/champagne chiller, where you design the ring of ice around the bottle. Easy, cool (literally), and a big conversation starter.

From Williams

2. All that Glitters: Clients are now entranced by sequins and glitter. I adore this movement. Where the recession seemed to coincide with a very rustic, almost spartan look in some circles, now brides want to celebrate with touches of gilt and sparkle. While not necessarily rare, sequin linens are still not mainstream among vendors or easily spotted on linen websites. A good event planner or rentals broker can give you the scoop on where to find the best options, and sometimes a discount as well.

3. Our last wedding of the year was a beautiful event at Casa Del Mar on December 21st. The bride and groom truly looked like a Princess and Prince Charming…and the ballroom was gorgeous. Graham from SilverTunes Entertainment, Jackie from Lotus and Lily, and photographer Shani Barel, owner of Don’t Smile Now, all did a marvelous job creating a magical night. Photos are here.

The ballroom at Casa Del Mar