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The holiday office party has its hills and valleys. Some people have a great time, others are stuck in small-talk-ville and trying to avoid that guy in accounting, others drink so much they can’t remember anything, period.

What makes or breaks a good office party (or any other holiday party, for that matter) is clear coordination and giving folks lots of fun stuff to do, without overwhelming them with gimmickry.  The best parties have a unique element to them.  It can be a clever signature cocktails, a fortune teller, a casino night theme – sky’s the limit.

Recently, my clients wanted an activity with old-world charm to match the antique flair of their event at the Four Seasons Los Angeles, and they hired two talented magicians, Saurabh Shah and Michael Jacobsen, to wander during cocktails and entertain guests with their trickery.  The activity gives people a conversation piece, a place to go when they don’t know where to mingle next – and it’s fun.

Photo by Dana Grant Photography; Event Design by Blueberry Ave.

Photo by Dana Grant Photography; Event Design by Blueberry Ave.

Food can be a conversation piece, too.  A food truck can be had for much less than traditional catering, without sacrifice in flavor (and if you’re a typical Los Angeleno, you may even prefer these gourmet meals on wheels to their fine dining competitors).  Pondering the menu, giving your order and waiting for your fresh-cooked deliciousness is a communal experience that keeps folks on their feet and on the move.

The Kogi BBQ truck was a hit at a recent event at Siren Studios. Photo by Alexandra Bissonnette.

There are so many other cost effective ways to build office morale (yes, parties increase productivity!).  One of them is, you guessed it, to hire a good planner.  We pay for ourselves up to several times over in brokering excellent deals with vendors and venues, and we allow your in-house staff to be as productive as possible while still pulling off a tip-top event.  And, we keep an eye on your investment – making sure the bar stays open till the bitter end, following up on security deposits with your rentals company, etc etc.  Need I go on?  I’ll tell you all you need to know about our services at a complimentary consultation. Contact us anytime about your fabulous holiday soiree!

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