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It’s a small world, after all: Vendor to Vendor…to Client!

By December 3, 2010No Comments

So I just worked with Sky Events and Productions on the beautiful 11/20 Four Seasons-Bev Hills wedding – Dimas and Derek, Lilit and the rest were amazing to work with. You may have seen a photo or two of their amazing centerpieces on my FB page, but here’s another look:

Candelabra and centerpieces with garden roses and peonies

I decide to hit an event planners’ open house at the new Rik Ducar space right next to Jenny Yoo on Beverly Blvd. in L.A. yesterday, and who was providing the beautiful bouts on the tuxes, but Sky Events!  I recognized their signature black ribbon around the stems – blends so well into the tux jackets.

And as I walked in, I met Katrina Razavi, founder of, a sleek new website for the SoCal marriage-minded.  I had heard about Katrina and the website from my supercool friend Rhonda, who’s hooked into the fashion industry (she and her lovely business partner Kristin run the invaluable style directory The

This kind of serendipity happens all the time when you stay connected to the various members of your industry – particularly the events industry. After all, we’re party planners, so we’re always throwing events – and attending them! These meetups allow us to share ideas, current trends, and learn about the best vendors to work with.  It all adds up to client satisfaction in the long (or short!) run.

Now on to the tuxes:  Rik took the time to sit down with me and show me his product line, for both purchase and rental. It’s surprisingly do-able to purchase a tux, and I recommend to many of my clients to go for it.  You’d be surprised how it comes in handy.  My husband bought one for a friend’s wedding and since then has worn it several times – including at our own wedding, of course.

Rik also offers a cool destination weddings line (linens, seersuckers, khaki) and a ton of gray choices – gray is the hot new color, and for a reason – just looks so dashing, cool, and modern.

Gray suits and silver dresses were perfect for this September's seaside wedding

He and his staff are open, friendly, fun, and offer a wide variety of choices; and, they manage your groomsmen with details and followup so the fellas don’t have to worry too much about timelines – a HUGE help.

In the end, it was a great day of small-world run-ins, the kind that allows we vendors to pick up excellent information that saves our clients time and money.  My job isn’t just the day of the wedding, it’s 24/7:  Outreach, research, and networking.

Speaking of, I’m off to this shindig tonight – like I said, hitting up events is part of the job!