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The holidays always seem to ‘creep up’ on you, right? This year, it was due to Thanksgiving coming so late; but there’s always excuse. There’s just so much to do!  But when you’re engaged and getting married in the next year, how do you manage everything on your to-do list, and still get all you need done during the holidays (and at least have fun, too?)

Manage your priorities

Work has a optional secret santa? Opt out!  You don’t need to be a part of every single event happening around you.  Same with wedding planning:  Maybe you’re nearing the mark where you should be ordering your invitations.  Pick the design and put them to print, but don’t task yourself with addressing, sealing, and sending, too. Wait till the new year.

Get a project management system

Systems like Monday and Asana (my personal favorite) easily allow you to manage your to do lists for both work and personal tasks.  These are lifesavers when you’re wedding planning.  Or, try AislePlanner – your coordinator or planner can even be looped in to the tasks listed on the site.

Asana recommended project management software for creativesApply the “do it now” mentality to your to do list

Too many times, we look at our to do lists and are paralyzed with overwhelm. Finally I started to stop whatever I was doing, and just hit one task on the list.  Call the doctor? Do it now.  Then go back to your regularly scheduled day.   Review photographer pricing? Do it now –  just take ten minutes.  These ‘micro tasks’ can be done in small increments, not all at once, but the sense of accomplishment is actually pretty big.