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Family has started to mean more to me than ever, with many of my close loved ones getting older, and memories of them dearer to me as time passes.  I’ve realized that not only is it ideal to purchase meaningful gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, but family gifts are so important, too.
Personalized by Kate is an easy-to-navigate, full-of-inspo website that offers gifts that family members will treasure forever. What really caught my eye were their picture frames, that can be uniquely personalized and filled with a photo from your big day.  They can be given at the wedding with a special photo from the past, and with your thank you note later, you can enclose a photo from the wedding to replace the current image; or afterwards, send the frame itself with a photo from your wedding day.
 Personalized wedding gift frame with bride and groom
I also love tumblers (obsessed!) and Personalized by Kate offers insulated wine tumblers, for your favorite aunt who tailgates every football season or your young-at-heart grandma who enjoys her picnics on the beach. These can also be handed out to your entire immediate family, personalized with the family name and monogram, for a really cool, family-only gift that will make your loved ones feel even more special.
 Monogrammed mug wedding gift for family
Assembling gift packages is another way to make your gift even more personal for your family; for your family members who are coffee fans (and any sleep deprived new parents in your family), create a gift basket or bag with a personalized coffee mug, high-end coffee, flavored syrup, and chocolate-coated stir spoon. For coffee nuts, you can never go wrong with a caffeine-themed gift.
When I think of family, I also think of big holiday meals and special recipes passed down for generations.  An engraved recipe box is an instant keepsake for that relative who cooks from scratch and always hosts Thanksgiving. Food is a huge part of how my family bonds – on both sides – and to me, this is the most meaningful and sentimental option; what can I say – food is love!
I find giving gifts out on the wedding day itself is tough; so much is going on, and a lot of friends and family members are getting ready independently of each other, so everyone is all spread out and impossible to find in one place until the wedding.  I would recommend to clients to give special family gifts at the rehearsal dinner, while all close family is nearby, and the mood is a little more relaxed.
But we mustn’t forget the bridal party; I just have to add that I’m in love with this flask and shot glass set.  Your maid of honor can treat the girls for one last shot the night of the wedding in a flask she fit in her purse.  Cheers!

wedding gift personalized bridesmaid flask set

For more information about what Personalized by Kate has to offer, check out their offerings here!
I love supporting companies I believe align with my readers’ interests. This is a sponsored post by Personalized By Kate.