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By Katie Tejada

A wedding day starts hours before a bride walks down the aisle and each moment leading up to the final “I Do” counts. The amount of joy, laughter, and emotion that fills a room while getting ready is essential to capture. Let’s take a look at 8 heartwarming tips for your getting ready wedding photos.


Get ready in style with robes for your entire bridal party. There are tons of bride squad robe options these days. You can take your pick from all sorts of colors and prints, as well as robes with the names and specific roles of each bridesmaid. Having your bride squad wear uniformed robes while getting ready will open the door for endless photo opportunities.

Zipping Up

Photos of the bride being zipped or buttoned up in her wedding dress are a must! Finally putting on the dress after hair, makeup, and other essential steps is such an exciting moment. A photographer will be able to capture the raw emotion of the bride knowing that she is one step closer to walking down the aisle, and it’s almost time for the ceremony! Have the matron of honor, mother of the bride, mother-in-law, or the entire bridal party help with this step to capture heart-melting photos.

Mother of bride sipping up bride's strapless lace overlay white dress
Photo by Mawwiage Films

The Details

Beauty is always in the details, especially when it comes to weddings! Having intricate photos of important details is non-negotiable. Some details that should be photographed for your getting ready photos are:

  • A photo frame – If you have a family member or friend who has passed away, try including them while you’re getting ready with a photograph of them in a beautiful engraved photo frame. You’ll feel warm and reassured, knowing that they are there in spirit.
  • Accessories – Brides spend a lot of time carefully selecting their accessories for their special day and a detailed photo of the wedding accessories for the bride always makes a stunning and meaningful photo.

If there are any other little details that are a part of your special day, be sure to let your photographer know that you would like them photographed as well. Little details make such a huge impact on wedding days!

Glam Time

While the bridal party is getting glammed up for the special day, your photographer will definitely snap quite a few shots. Bridal makeup is beautiful, classic, and elegant. Having photos of the entire party getting glammed up to walk down the aisle is a treasure that you definitely don’t want to be left out of your wedding album.

Makeup artist working on Bride
Photo buy Mawwiage Films

Note Reading

Receiving a love note from your spouse-to-be? Have your photographer snap a few shots of you reading your special handwritten note. If your love note is intimate and private, don’t feel pressured to read it aloud if you don’t want to. Remember, your wedding day is all about you. For these photos, you can read the note out loud, or just to yourself. Either way these photos will be cherished forever.

Suiting Up

If your spouse-to-be is wearing a suit on your special day, you’ll definitely want to have a few shots of them suiting up! Have your photographer snap some shots of your spouse-to-be suiting up, putting on their tie, and putting on their shoes. If you’re getting ready traditionally, you’ll be separated during your getting ready moments, so these photos will be really nice to look back at.

Shaking Hands

A photo of your spouse-to-be and their father- or mother-in-law-to-be shaking hands or hugging is just way too beautiful not to have. A photo like this holds remarkable value for both sides of the family. As a bride, you will feel happy to see your parents embracing the love of your life. And best of all, your spouse-to-be will feel connected, welcomed, and even more excited to tie the knot, knowing that they will be treated like family.

Go With The Flow!

We know that you planned all these little details for months, but the best getting ready wedding photos are the photos that are most relaxed. While sticking to your timeline, don’t be afraid to just go with the flow! Candid photos of you and your bridal party genuinely having a good time will be the very best ones in your photo album. Pop a glass of bubbly and relax while you get ready for the best day of your life. Congratulations on your wedding, and we hope that you have an amazing wedding day and happy marriage!