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By Dee Gaubert

Quickbooks is a godsend, especially for event pros – when it comes to bookkeeping, we really don’t have time for it. Our work stretches us so thin, this part of running our business tends to be shoved aside for constantly responding to last minute inquiries, events, and needs of clients. But when I started using Quickbooks a few years ago, it was a game changer. (This isn’t a sponsored post by the way – I just really love it that much!)

Quickbooks Automates Your Bookkeeping

The number one best way to increase profit is automate as much of your business as possible. Quickbooks syncs with your bank to upload all your transactions; all you need to do is use a drop down menu to code each expense. (For example, if you paid for gas you’ll mark it as such; taking a client out to lunch is a business meal; and so forth.) This can be done in minutes a week or at the end of every quarter, sitting in front of the TV – or an easy task to assign someone in your organization.

Instead of quickbooks using a Spreadsheet of Budget and expenses

Track – and increase – your profitability

By using simple reports anyone can output, Quickbooks can help you gauge the profitability of your business. this is so key – gross revenue is NOT the same as profit – and if you aren’t keeping an eye on your profit, you lose opportunities to re-evaluate the prices you are charging and your expenses. By raising your rates even a little, you can make a difference in your profit margin.

Using the right software and systems mean a more efficient, more profitable business, and it’s not that expensive. Quickbooks generally lives online and also has an app, making it incredibly easy to access anytime day or night.

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