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One of the most fun aspects of wedding planning is creating the overall look of your event design. It can be a little overwhelming too, due to all the many, many options out there- so many inspiration photos, blogs, Pinterest boards! The key thing to remember is that your desired look has an affect on your budget, too.


In this styled shoot, our inspiration began with the Lismore Gardens print linen from Luxe Linens. (By the way, the photos are by one of our favorite vendors, Jillian Rose Photography.) You don’t see prints used a lot in weddings, but here’s a great trick about them: They add more visual elements for the eye to look at, thus, the tables feel more populated; thus – you may not need as much decor as with a plain linen. And they’re just cool, unique, and playful.

napkin with gemFor one version of this tablescape, we created floral pieces overflowing with roses and eucalyptus, votives, and bejewelled napkins.

wide of florals dee shoot


Another version has lanterns along the center of the tables. The lanterns have a faux-worn, vintage feel, with a cream color that melds well with the overall design. The florals on the table are now bud vases. The cost differential in this case, swapping out the lanterns for the larger floral pieces, can be substantial, yet the lanterns add visual interest, a focal point down the center of the table, and can be used at your home after the wedding or re-sold online.

lantern tablescape dee flowers

lanterns florals

This is just one example of how playing with options can help you meet your spending goals without a sacrifice on style. We go through this process all the time with clients as design can spiral wildly beyond the original vision, but with careful thought and research, the integrity of the event can be maintained without blowing your budget.