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Organization: The key to sanity

By January 4, 2011No Comments

As a work-from-home mom, I have to be extremely organized.  It’s ongoing; as my business has grown, I need to keep up with it from a filing and storage standpoint, in a 1500-square foot house that must act as home for a toddler and a husband, as well as separate office space for said husband.  All I can say is, Ikea Expedit bookshelves are the best thing ever – they’re furniture that also has a very specific function:  Storage.  Ikea sells all sorts of baskets and bins that fit in the bookshelves to attractively hide your stuff.

My Expedit bookshelf, hard at work

Organization for the bride can be a huge time saver, and is no doubt a big-time stress reliever.  Sometimes, it seems daunting to create an organization system – and keep it up – but when you do, you feel secure in the planning process.

My clients have found success by doing the following:

  • Don’t procrastinate.  Planning is stressful; planning at the last minute is SUPER stressful.  Which do you prefer?  Don’t wait to get stuff done!
  • Excel is your best friend. Organize simple spreadsheets with fields for bridal party info, vendor info (including payments due, arrival times, contact info, etc.), and a basic timeline.  (A coordinator will complement your spreadsheet with his/her own, and take over the timeline after you hand over your basic schedule.)
  • Office Supplies.  I must admit, I’m obsessed with office supplies. Some clients prefer a binder; others like the ease of an accordion file folder. Receipts, records, contracts, all can be sorted clearly in either.

I luurrrvvee Staples' "M" line of stylish office supplies. Their file folders are my favorites.

An organized bride is a happy bride…make that your mantra!