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We had the great fortune to plan a wedding in Paris in 2010 (check out highlights here). Now, we are readying a trip to Paris again, for another intimate ceremony and wedding dinner in the heart of the city.

(Photo by Olivier Lalin /

Travel is a constantly shifting thing – from figuring out the best time to buy airfare to finding those great gems of rental apartments – and this event was no exception. I stay in the Montorgueil district to save money for the client – it’s safe, and charming, but more about commerce than history or touristy elements like museums. Rue Montorgueil has lovely pastry shops and all the necessities like a grocery shop and pharmacy, and yes, a Starbucks.

What a view! From one of the guests' apartments.

I NEVER go into a Starbucks in Paris (Quelle horreur!) even though I love them here, just a ‘when in Rome’ thing. Except, I am deciding not to use an international SIM card this time around because it was not easy to use (long story) and strangely, not that inexpensive, either. I have learned though that TMobile does not have an international data package and instead, to save $$ on using my email and other web based services on my phone, I have to use Wifi. So I’ll be popping into that Starbucks from time to time and grab an Evian just to hop on their wifi. Hmmm…starting to think about switching to AT&T, never thought I’d say that….

I’ll be repacking tonight (a stubborn habit – got to get it just right) and performing final due diligence tomorrow. Then, it’s off to the races (or, LAX) this weekend. While some may hate a long flight, I’m hoping for wifi and getting several straight hours’ worth of work done. Heaven!