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Simplicity Is Key: How to Stick to a Minimalist Wedding Design

By October 8, 2019No Comments

If you’ve decided the minimalist wedding look is right for you, there is still a lot you need to keep in mind as you begin planning. Finding the most basic essence of how you want to express your aesthetic will help keep you on the right track and stop you from going overboard. Decide on colors and thematic elements before you even look at invitations and decor. Only once you really know what you love, should you start planning.

Simple Stationary

One of the very first things you should do is design your save the dates, invitations, menus, signs, and other printed materials. You want to do this early so they can serve as a blueprint and design inspiration for all your vendors. To ensure everything is clean and minimalist, keep your language simple and choose a clear font. Use negative space with a bold and striking message. Stay away from images and keep crucial information at the forefront.

Tempting Tablescapes

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While you can choose pristine tablecloths and simple floral centerpieces, take your minimalist theme a bit further with rustic wood tables and green foliage as your centerpiece. Simple tableware and neutral colors will accentuate the beauty of the natural elements on the table. Taupe, grey, and blue can all offer you the elegance you want without boring your guests.

You can also extend the minimalism to your bar and dinner offerings. Keep the options simple and offer your guests two or three wines and beers. Many catering companies also offer modern presentations for your food, so you can work with them on an unembellished design as well.

Limited Decor

Spanish bride and groom chair signage

Much of the time, when people think of weddings, they dream up outlandish floral features for outdoor weddings and an abundance of decorations that can easily go above and beyond your budget. Instead of opting for all of this decor, choose specific pieces that will impact your guests. This goes for the backdrop to your “I do,” the seating, flowers, lighting and even fun features. Putting a cap on your decor doesn’t mean that your wedding will look boring; quite the opposite. Take your guest-friendly photo booth, for example. While some go for a decadent backdrop with an assortment of props, others choose a white backdrop with dried herbs or a simple monogram that ties in with the rest of their theme. People will be impressed how you seamlessly tie everything together. It requires a lot of mindfulness and is one area that wedding planners can be extremely helpful with.

A Sweet Ceremony

 While this may not be a visual element, stick with your minimalist theme and keep your vows short and simple. A wedding can be even more meaningful when you cut out all the extra frills that come with a lot of officiants. Maybe have a close friend officiate the ceremony and skip the processional and recessional.

Personal Favors & Gifts

Modern succulent wedding favors and escort cards in sand

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When you choose minimalist favors and bridesmaids gifts, you can please your guests and save a little bit of money. For members of your wedding party, you can keep your bridesmaids gifts simple with monogrammed tumblers, pendant necklaces, or homemade body scrubs. Groomsmen are even easier, and a watch or some monogrammed cufflinks are a perfect choice! Whereas, for guests, many minimalists decide to go for miniature gifts with the couple’s initials etched on the side or featured on a tag.

Stick to Your Plan

As details pile up, it can be hard to keep track of everything and make sure you stay under budget. Don’t let anyone pressure you into choosing a more extravagant option and don’t feel bad about saying no to guests who want to bring uninvited plus ones. This wedding is about you and what makes you happy as a couple. Stick to your plan and compromise only when it makes sense, or if your mother-in-law is in tears because she wants to write out your invites by hand. Most important is that you have fun before, during, and after your wedding day!

Author Bio:  Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She enjoys writing about weddings and events, travel, decorating trends, and innovations for the home, but also covers developments in HR, business communication, real estate, finance and more.