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Top 3 Design Mistakes: Event Design Basics

Time after time, we meet with couples who use the web, magazines, and Pinterest to inspire the look of the event.  As event designers, we love to help them take these ideas, weave in their specific ideas and tastes, and fulfill their vision on their wedding day.  There are three key mistakes that are easy to make as you build the design of your event:

1.  Ignoring the design of the venue.  The rustic wedding has been huge in recent years.  We have run into brides and grooms wanting to have the rustic look in a ballroom setting; the mason jars and twine don’t typically work in an upscale environment of wallpapered walls and elegant carpeting.  Instead, work in elements of your desired look – such as linen runners with a slightly burlap look, without the rough texture; or lean on lush greenery in your centerpiece but use a dressy glass vase, versus a mason jar. This photo below, by Brian Leahy, shows an excellent blend of rustic, yet elegant touches that work well with the wood and brick textures of Carondelet House. We combined neutral linen runners with the bride’s vibrant color palette.  Florals by Peony and Plum.

Rustic Runner and main room Deidrie Douglas copy

2.  Being afraid to stand out. It’s easy to go with the current trend, but don’t be afraid to do something a little different. Take the trend you like the most, and then shake it up – is there a style you are drawn to with home decor? For example, if your centerpieces are super simple and classic in clear glass vases (as many are), but you love collecting white porcelain china, ask your florist to source opaque white vessels instead of the clear vase.  You’ll add a twist to the look and make it uniquely your own.

3. Ignoring the power of lighting.  Always bring in lighting whenever possible. Uplights can be packaged in with many DJ services and do wonders adding ambiance to a room.  It’s a cost effective way to change the space significantly.  Colors from ‘moonlight’ to ‘champagne’ offer a spectrum of options. This picture below features the work of TMM Pro, lighting specialists who are familiar with a variety of local venues. Photo by Brady Puryear.


Trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to reflect your true personalities, but remember to let the surroundings guide your look.  Happy planning!