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We have built a solid niche planning Paris, France destination weddings, and have come to rely on outstanding travel agents.  Why?  Because even in this day of online booking, agents have access to huge resources that enable upgrades, discounts, and buying power that is usually impossible for the layperson to access.

The famous IM Pei pyramid at the Louvre, Paris, France, April 2014

Also, if you have a complicated itinerary, having a travel agent hand-feed you options is crucial. For example, I have specific needs when I travel to Paris, such as arriving at 9am(ish) and leaving at a specific time, and transferring through Dallas.  [I try to avoid other airports with worse delay times, and Dallas is the main hub for my usual airline, American; so, if our airplane is out of commission, they can literally take another one out of the ‘garage’ and off we go – this has actually happened before at DFW.]  Svetlana from L&B Travel swiftly found me a perfect, specific, itinerary that I couldn’t find myself on or even on, and it was comparable in cost.

They can also help you redeem miles in the most cost effective way possible, secure last minute airfare deals you won’t see online, and manage group bookings more quickly and effectively.

There’s a great breakdown of the services agents provide at the L&B website, here.  Svetlana is our partner for all destination travel, and she’s always available to answer questions!

Need help planning your destination wedding?  Shoot us a note or call Dee at 310-562-3306!