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Earlier this year, my family and I went to Hawaii, and my mind was filled with all things tropical when I returned:  Palm leaves, leis, orchids, beachside breezes… I can smell the ocean now, just thinking about it! The tropical aesthetic comes across as fresh, natural, and modern when used for event design, and while it can potentially turn kitschy (potentially!) at a larger ‘do like a wedding, bridal showers are the perfect soiree to show off this theme.  And, it all starts with the first point of interaction with your guests: Tropical theme bridal shower invitations such as these can be cool, classy, chic, or tongue-in-cheek – it’s up to you how to play it.  Design the event itself with tiki torches and palm leaves for decor; hand out leis to guests; and serve Dole Whip for dessert, and you’ve got yourself a cool, breezy bridal shower that guests will still be talking about at the wedding.

Your wedding aesthetic, of course, doesn’t have to match the shower; your venue and personal tastes should drive the look and feel of your wedding.  Just like their cool tropical invites, a wide spectrum of wedding invitation ideas abound at Basic Invite; choosing script or calligraphy as your focus for invitations offers a clean, simple, but elegant preview to the big day; or you can go colorful with all the many shades they offer.  So often as a planner, I’d find just a handful of colors offered for each option provided by online invitation retailers; and just a few colors that would populate in a preview.  Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers nearly unlimited color options with previews online within seconds. As event design grows ever more inventive and complex, the slightest adjustment of shade can make or break your total design; Basic Invite has l over 180 different color options, and you can change the color of each element on the card!  Being able to control the smallest detail of each design is what really sets this company apart and has made big fans out of both planners like me, and wedding couples. And there’s no waiting for a sample – you can print out the design right from your computer before you order, to see how the invitation looks IRL.  This is a huge time saver, a great opportunity to reality check your options.

So! Many! Colors!

There is also a very specific etiquette to wedding invitations; you must hand write the recipient’s address, or have their addresses printed directly on the envelope.  A new innovation, called Seal and Send invitations, allows couples working with Basic Invite to actually skip the envelope (saving trees and waste in the process!) and have the address printed right on the back of the invitation; it’s absurdly easy.Couples share a link with their guests, collect their addresses, and upload them onto the design. Once you receive your order all you have to do is add postage, fold your invites, and secure them with a sticker.  Currently there are over 30 Seal and Send designs, from elegant to modern, all designed to create a seamless packet for your guests.

I love how Seal and Send Invitations are so beautiful and classic – and reduce waste at the same time. Practical AND stunning.

If you want to go more traditional, you can still use Basic Invite to secure guests’ addresses with their social-media enabled address-collection service.  With so much to do with planning, family, and oh, your actual work and life obligations, anything to make addressing all those invitations easier is a huge help!

While planning the invitation design, It’s vital to add your wedding website to the information included; it’s usually the first thing couples create after they find their venue, but there are so many options out there now, and some free wedding websites have their quirks. Basic Invite’s free wedding website service seamlessly allows couples to upload the design from their invitation and use any one of those over 180 colors they offer, for an elegant, yet practical guide for both in-town and traveling guests to have all the wedding details at their fingertips, including a convenient map with directions.

Your guests are your close friends, family, loved ones; you’ll always be in touch with them, long after the wedding. Each of Basic Invite’s 900 invitation designs come with full suite of not only wedding-related stationary, such as save the dates and enclosure cards, but thank you notes as well.  In other words, Basic Invite has you covered from the moment you say “yes” to the last thank you note!  To view more of their innovative designs and stationary solutions, check them out here, and click on the links below to follow their gorgeous inspo on their socials!

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I love supporting companies I believe align with my readers’ interests. This is a sponsored post by Basic Invite.