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Airfare Strategies: How to get the lowest price on flights

By November 6, 2012No Comments

This is one aspect of your wedding you do NOT want to DIY....

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or researching your honeymoon, your wedding will most likely incur travel costs. While airlines’ procedures are not always transparent, there are patterns out there, and strategies for saving. Here’s good advice and tricks for getting tickets at the lowest price possible:

1. Book ahead of time. This NYT article has super-specific advice for how far in advance to book – hit that sweet spot, and you can save quite a bit.

2. Do NOT book your tickets over the weekend. Fares often go on sale on Monday nights; shopping midweek will likely get you the best fares. (See a rousing debate over Monday vs. Tuesday vs. Wednesday here.) The Bing fare predictor is *mostly* accurate (in my experience, anyways).

3. Travel agents are an outstanding resource. Even with the magic of internet booking, there’s no replacing their knowledge of the industry. Email us for recommendations.

4. Tweet for savings – Jetblue rolls out on Tuesdays (see?) – follow them for deals here. Other services like parking and hotels are all worth adding to your “follow” list.

5. For efficient research, Kayak collects hundreds of fares from multiple airlines – a great time saver.