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Sleep Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

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People, I’m not going to tell you I’ve mastered the art of feeling like a brand new woman every morning – I’m still working on it. But my energy levels have gotten better, and I’ve been able to get up earlier than before, without issue.  Here’s my sleep tips for better rest:

How to be a well-rested entrepreneur

When I was running my company, I worried constantly at first.  Every detail of every client’s wedding, as well as the high-stress reality of being paycheck to paycheck the first years of building the business, meant there was always something to worry about.  So, I started listing all my outstanding issues at the end of the day, and also balanced my checking account; then, before I went to bed, noting anything at all that I could worry about.  Before long, by the time my head hit the pillow, I had exorcised out of my system all the little nagging details that would keep me up.

Protect your time like it’s sacred

A client is running late to a meeting?  An event goes into overtime with no notice? Put your foot down with these issues.  Tell the late client you have 50 more minutes to meet with him or her, and make the meeting more efficient, and actually LEAVE when their time is up. Charge your client going later than contracted, your overtime fee, and collect it then and there.  Time overruns mean you work later and harder, with wasted energy, and this has a negative affect on your sleep.  So protecting your time makes a difference; for example, that Overtime fee may allow you to hire your assistant for an extra hour to get some additional work done, so you can sleep late the next day.  This is why there are extra fees for extra work, and why late clients aren’t tolerated – to minimize the impact on your productivity, and thus, your health and rest.

Make a self care routine, and stick to it.

For me, it’s applying a mask every Sunday, feeling my pores get smaller and my spirit become refreshed.  For you, it may be one journal entry a day.  Or, meditation. (And there are apps for that, too!) Whatever your routine, make it do-able with your busy schedule, and flexible – if you force it to happen on one specific day a week, it may be knocked off your plate due to unpredictable work schedules, so have a backup time to do it. Just be SURE to do it!

Sleep Tips Around the Web

Articles like this one offer really great advice for sleep, especially the tip to set the same bedtime every night. My mistake is I stay up WAY too late on weekends, so  I’m trying to mitigate that – we all have challenges. But during the week, I’m in bed no later than 10pm.  I network during the day, not during the evening, to assist in this goal. Make the adjustments you need in your life to ensure you  have a nice, orderly routine for sleep. Also, I recently started using a pedometer that tracks sleep, and it’s made a huge difference in seeing how much good quality sleep I’m getting every night –  highly recommended.

Wedding MBA 2018 Recap: Top Tips for Improving your Wedding Business

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How has it been 4 years already that I’ve been able to speak and attend at the Wedding MBA? Time is flying! As usual, I had an incredible time meeting old friends and new at the conference as we all learned how to continually improve our wedding business.  Here are some highlights:

Amazing Exhibits from Wedding Vendors

First, I got to talk to the insurance pros at RV Nuccio about a unique situation at the venue where I now work.  They were super helpful (and as always had mints for the taking…thanks guys!)

As far as amazing presentation goes, check out this display from Fifty Flowers.  Incredible!

Chuppah with fruit and orchids from fifty flowers

lush fruit orchid chuppah rustic fifty flowers

Actionable Content from Industry Leaders and Wedding Business Owners

Fellow wedding business owners and executives shared key insight that you just can’t find anywhere else.  Sonny Ganguly, the CMO from Wedding Wire, basically gave a beyond-101-level class on enhancing SEO. He shared critical information from WeddingWire’s huge trove of research. Frankly this would be worth the price of admission alone.  Instagram is still the leader in reaching brides, and he gave some eye-opening examples of how to grab their attention on IG, as well as via other portals.

I sat in on several venue presentations, including wedding expert and founder of Carl House, BB Webb, who advised attendees to take cues from first-class venues on how to treat prospective clients.  Bending over backwards to make them feel special is the key.

Destination weddings presentation wedding MBA speaker Dee Gaubert

Listening, learning, and sharing at my Thursday morning session on Destination Weddings

Interactive, Supportive Attendees

At my “Into the Storm” presentation, about setting boundaries, vendors and planners shared stories they had with – interesting – issues they kept running into; the nods of recognition, the words of support, and the laughter of camaraderie illustrated to me what an incredible community of dynamic, caring professionals we’re all a part of.  It was so great to see!

If you attended, I hope you had an incredible time! If not, check out next year’s info and be sure to sign up.  Hope to see you there in 2019!

(Did you attend my seminars and have questions?  Want to pick my brain about the best the conference had to offer? Don’t be shy – email me at!)

Business Builders: Educating the Consumer for Effective Sales

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So, there’s a common concept in sales – find the prospect’s “pain points” and fix them when you pitch your services.  A great event or wedding planner can make a huge difference in a couple’s experience with their wedding.

Here’s the thing, though: They don’t always know what the pain points ARE.  The web is exploding with all sorts of DIY advice and brides and grooms bragging about how they did things themselves (and there are super competent, talented, organized couples that make a good go of it), but you know as a planner that a couple is 100% guaranteed to have a better experience with a professional – similar to how, say, hiring a professional organizer will automatically save time and money and probably provide a lasting organizational system versus if you organize your closet yourself.

Music-themed guest book. Photo by Michael Segal Photography.

Unless the bride’s been a put upon bridesmaid who ended up coordinating her buddy’s wedding or had some other experience where she saw first hand how important it is, you may have to provide case studies that prove your point. Collect a few and role play with a friend so that you can easily discuss them with prospects. Here’s an example:

We had a client that found their venue did not provide some contracted services, to a disturbing degree. We made a note of it and by the end of the night had negotiated a $500 reduction on their bar bill. That’s major – and we were just coordinating, not even planners, and partially paid for ourselves almost literally!

Don’t be shy to tout your value, and be sure to paint a picture of what can slip through the cracks (without coming across as negative) during the sales process.


Rustic Wedding: Beautiful Hues at Mountain Mermaid

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We’ve worked a lot at Mountain Mermaid, and for good reason – it’s a stunning venue, conveniently located in Los Angeles.  It’s also a very streamlined space logistically considering how unique it is! A perfect place for a rustic wedding. We were fortunate to meet up with a wonderful couple that booked their wedding there that had a really cool perspective on their rustic decor. They wanted artful compositions instead of messy clusters, for a rustic look with a modern execution.  We were happy to be on board as wedding consultants and coordinators, and provide the design and florals as well.

For example, the bride was from the coast and wanted to bring in seashells and driftwood into the mix, without being over the top, so we painted some of the shells and added fern greenery to a shell display for her escort card table.  River rocks, moss, and other natural details were very carefully placed with artistic detail so they looked more like set pieces than randomly placed items.

A soft-hued but no less vibrant palette of peach, lavender, gold, and yellows offset the deep shades of the Mermaid so beautifully. Wood slices from Tire Swing Woodworks added to the look. We also found glass bottles, ceramic goblets, and other unique glassware for the centerpieces and accent pieces.

Our associate Laura Klein has beautiful handwriting and created the custom chalkboard wedding signage, as well, something that also goes well with the rustic wedding aesthetic.  We loved how creative the couple were with their signature cocktails, which were perfectly crafted by their caterer, Huntington Catering Company.

Other vendors included Jillian Rose Photography, who took all of the gorgeous photos you see here; Fantasy Frostings; music by Red Shoe LA; video by Luma House; hair and makeup by Kari Cottom; and lighting by Stage Labs.

Boutonnieres peach greenery silver tray

Gold Shell Wedding Ring Box Holder

escort card table conch shell rustic wedding fern greenery

escort card mermaid shell fern display

vase shell coral ranunculus

sweetheart table fern rocks coral lavendar lisianthus

banquet tables ivory linen napkin place setting wedding

kiss on stairs mountain mermaid los angeles wedding

dancing mountain mermaid

Real Wedding: Classic and Romantic Luxury Estate Wedding at Malibu Rocky Oaks

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We love love love working at Malibu Rocky Oaks, and this estate wedding was no different.  The romance of the florals by Lotus and Lily, the chic combination of pink, ivory, and fuchsia, and the bride and groom looking so dashing in their dress and tux – it all made for a gorgeous event.

Caterer: Truly Yours

Venue: Malibu Rocky Oaks

DJ: JK Weddings

Videography: Dove Weddings

Photography:  Brady Puryear

Calligraphy:  Calligraphy Katrina








Photo by Brady Puryear. Florals by Lotus and Lily.

Photo by Brady Puryear. Florals by Lotus and Lily.




Wedding Registry Tips: Asking for Cash the Right Way

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People are marrying at a later age, historically (27 for women, 29 for men, reflecting a decades-long steady increase from age 23 in 1960).  This means most married couples already have a lot of the items they’d normally have registered for in the past – cookware, coffee makers, even dishware.  Thus the question comes up now constantly:  “We have everything we need already. But we’d love to buy a house or save up for starting a family.  How do we ask for cash without seeming tacky?”

According to Miss Manners, you don’t.  Miss Manners is insanely strict – wise, but strict – but she is right: You cannot outright ask for cash, or gifts, ever.  You are inviting people out of the goodness of your heart, with the intention to have a beautiful wedding surrounded by the ones you love – a selfless host.  But, if your guests have manners, they will indeed likely send you a gift. (Although, do forgive a friend or family member under significant financial duress who cannot afford to.) It’s the unspoken etiquette about wedding gift giving.


Gift table at a Marvimon wedding.

Gift table at a Marvimon wedding.

Here is how you can ask for cash, as tastefully as possible:  The modern way around spreading the word about your registry is to list them on your wedding website.  From there, you can slip in a cash registry that is dignified enough to not offend your guests.  Well, Great-Aunt Edna may still disapprove, but these days, it’s accepted – not spoken of outright, but accepted.

Registries that process cash gifts:

My – My Registry was one of the first registries to allow couples to register for all sorts of items from a variety of stores.  Typically you don’t want to register at more than three stores – no more than three registries for your guests to review – but MyRegistry consolidates all your desired gifts into ONE registry. You can also add cash gifts as well to the registry. You will pay a standard PayPal fee for the transactions.

Tendr. The cleverly named, super straightforward cash-only registry charges 5% for cash gifts.  It may be a little…too straightforward for Aunt Edna, so please round things out with 1 or 2 more traditional registries for household items you still need instead of forcing all guests to give cash gifts.  This can be hard for guests on a limited budget who don’t want to seem cheap by sending only $15 or $20, but can instead send you something nice from your registry for the same amount – and thus their total spend is not as obviously known.

NewlyWish is a more modern-looking version of My Registry, in a way, with a 2.65% fee for cash gifts, and nifty amenities like group gifting options.

Happy planning…happy shopping!

Corporate Event Planning: Three Tips for Success

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We’ve overseen a variety of corporate events, from product and book launches to conferences, and have three top tips to share.

  • Hire professionals, including, yes, event planners, as early as possible.  I have received inquiries barely a month to two prior to the date of the event, for extremely complex corporate events here in Los Angeles.  We’re talking 1200-person conferences, large festivals, or even a conference that hadn’t even been planned yet – and the potential client was contacting us less than two months prior.  Do not procrastinate – planners charge rush fees for planning large events with just a few weeks’ time to do it.  Also, your decision making becomes rushed, and you may find you have less time to do your normal day to day job, which hurts your company in other ways, too.
We styled the Pixi by Petra's Skintreats line with complementary florals and decor at a recent event. Photo by Brandon Aquino.

We styled the Pixi by Petra’s Skintreats line with complementary florals and decor at a recent event. Photo by Brandon Aquino.

  • Interaction is key.  Whether it’s an internal awards dinner for your sales team or an introduction of your product to your clients, ensure you have representatives of the company work the room.  They should spread far and wide to contact everyone attending and make sure they feel comfortable and learn as much as they can about your services and products. For internal events, having interactive games, such as a scavenger hunt that promotes mingling, boost employee interactions and morale, and unify the team across departments.
  • A unique element, like pop violinist Maestro Hughes at this cocktail party, adds something unique and conversation-worthy to the event. Photo by Meghan Christine Photography.

    A unique element, like pop violinist Maestro Hughes at this cocktail party, adds something unique and conversation-worthy to the event. Photo by Meghan Christine Photography.


  • Stay on brand.  From customized backdrops to logo’d cocktail napkins, there are tons of ways you can remind guests why they are there – to celebrate your company, your mission, and your product.

An expert planner can help your company save time, preserve productivity, and ensure you stay at, or below, budget for your event.  Our door is always open to show you how, at   Happy planning!

Wedding Budget Tips: Sane Advice for Budgeting your Big Day

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So, here’s the deal about wedding budgets: The majority of the time, couples lowball their budget – sometimes significantly.

The reason why is because wedding planning costs are not transparent. Of the millions of articles on the internet about weddings, there is not one single wedding ‘calculator’ that can add up exactly what your wedding will cost.  Every single wedding is different, so it’s impossible to get a baseline number.  Frankly, it’s easier to prepare financially for buying a house than it is a wedding, thanks to information like and online mortgage calculators.

A few more fun facts:

  • The approximate estimate I’ve researched for the average wedding cost in L.A. is $37,000 or so.  That said, most weddings I see typically start at $50k – and range into the six figures.
  • Venue and Food make up the majority of your costs, but it’s wise to have a professional weigh in on your entire budget first before committing to a venue – once you sign on the dotted line with a venue, it greatly affects what you have left to spend on the rest of your event.
  • Passed appetizers/buffet sometimes save money on food, but not always.  A served meal is easier for caterers to buy for – it’s a set amount of food (plus a bit extra) that they can more precisely plan for. Each caterer works differently; it’s best to ask each one their system for pricing out different menus.
Food trucks are a great idea for weddings, and can save money too. Kogi is a popular option for L.A. based couples.

Food trucks are a great idea for weddings, and can save money too. Kogi is a popular option for L.A. based couples.

A couple times, I’ve created a budget for a client, and then they respond saying, “I absolutely cannot spend more than xx,xxx amount.” I then have to tell them I’m not making up numbers – I cannot make the caterer slash the cost in half without slashing the food in half. I cannot make a $1,000 photographer a good quality photographer.  The Veuve Champagne you like is expensive, so meet us halfway and buy a different type.  I prepare couples from the moment they meet that I have to present realistic numbers that represent high quality.  From there we can set a strategy – whether it’s crowdsourcing the video as guests share their phone videos on a private social media app, or having a food truck instead of a formal three- course dinner.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, skimp on your music! Here's Dart DJs killing it at a recent No Worries Wedding.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, skimp on your music! Here’s Dart DJs killing it at a recent No Worries Wedding.

Before you sign on the dotted line with a single vendor or venue, research all elements of your wedding or give a wedding consultant a call about a budget analysis. It’s saved heartache and yes, dollars, for couples when they prepare accordingly.  Happy Planning!

We discuss budget, and more, in my wedding planning guide, The Five Biggest Wedding Planning Myths.  Buy it here or contact me for a free copy – we give one free copy away a month!

All photos by the talented and wonderful Hannah Arista!

Special Traditions for Wedding Ceremonies

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We work with a wide variety of cultures, and appreciate the nuances and joy inherent in all the traditions observed. Many of our weddings are Jewish; the chuppah structure symbolizes many things and has throughout the years, but nowadays it adds a sense of protection, a sense of starting a home together, for the bride and groom standing beneath it. Often the chuppah is freestanding, but friends and family have also carried it in and held in place as well.



Gorgeous Chuppah at Calamigos Malibu. Florals: McCann Florist. Photo: True Photography.

Gorgeous Chuppah at Calamigos Malibu. Florals: McCann Florist. Photo: True Photography.


On the table underneath the chuppah, are several symbolic elements: The kiddush cup, a prayer shawl (tallit), and an item many of all cultures will recognize, a glass to stomp at the end of the wedding. Many interpretations exist, but one that I particularly like is that life is fragile and imperfect, and to never take for granted your life with your loved one. (More explanations can be found here.)

Wine, kiddush cup, tallit, and stomping glass on a ceremony table. Photo by True Photography.

Wine, kiddush cup, tallit, and stomping glass on a ceremony table. Photo by True Photography.


A significant amount of the weddings we plan and coordinate are Persian, and one of the most stunning elements to a Persian wedding is the Sofreh. This table or display of various ceremonial elements can be simple, modern, or luxurious and ornate.



A beautiful sofreh designed by Blueberry Ave. Photo by Dana Grant.

Each couple’s interpretation of their culture is what makes each ceremony unique.  It’s a fascinating part of what we do and another reason why wedding planning is such a meaningful job!