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Business Builders: Educating the Consumer for Effective Sales

By April 25, 2017No Comments

So, there’s a common concept in sales – find the prospect’s “pain points” and fix them when you pitch your services.  A great event or wedding planner can make a huge difference in a couple’s experience with their wedding.

Here’s the thing, though: They don’t always know what the pain points ARE.  The web is exploding with all sorts of DIY advice and brides and grooms bragging about how they did things themselves (and there are super competent, talented, organized couples that make a good go of it), but you know as a planner that a couple is 100% guaranteed to have a better experience with a professional – similar to how, say, hiring a professional organizer will automatically save time and money and probably provide a lasting organizational system versus if you organize your closet yourself.

Music-themed guest book. Photo by Michael Segal Photography.

Unless the bride’s been a put upon bridesmaid who ended up coordinating her buddy’s wedding or had some other experience where she saw first hand how important it is, you may have to provide case studies that prove your point. Collect a few and role play with a friend so that you can easily discuss them with prospects. Here’s an example:

We had a client that found their venue did not provide some contracted services, to a disturbing degree. We made a note of it and by the end of the night had negotiated a $500 reduction on their bar bill. That’s major – and we were just coordinating, not even planners, and partially paid for ourselves almost literally!

Don’t be shy to tout your value, and be sure to paint a picture of what can slip through the cracks (without coming across as negative) during the sales process.