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Our Favorite Wedding Shows

By March 19, 2011No Comments

Watching wedding shows for an event planner is kind of like a doctor watching ER:  You crave subject matter a little different than your work life for entertainment. Fellow coordinator Dani and I are both lovers of Law and Order (CI, SVU, the Mothership, and L.A.), and often use the ‘good cop/bad cop’ technique when dealing with ornery personalities involved with our work.  (The Closer is also quite useful for that – there’s nothing a sweet “Thank Youuuuu” can’t accomplish.)

We do have our favorites, though.  Dani, in particular, is a huge fan of David Tutera, and his show “My Fair Wedding” is the only wedding show I watch on a regular basis.  He’s funny, smart, honest without being hurtful.  Our goal is to hug him this year!  Also, Dani will pay one million dollars to anyone who can get him to show up at her wedding.

Touring Castle Green last year, I actually saw the set up for “My Fair Wedding”‘s season finale last year.  When I saw the final product on tv, I was most impressed.

Castle Green's famous clover pond is surrounded by flowing white tents.

A better look at the tents. David tricked them out with gorgeous Grecian and Morrocan elements for the reception.

White everywhere - even the guests wore white! - created a fresh, breezy look for the ceremony.

I used to love “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?”, a very behind the scenes look at 2 or 3 event planner’s adventures with various weddings.  They’d criss-cross between big and small weddings, humble and over the top, smooth and chaotic, all within one hour.  It now seems to be closer to a game show of some sort, so I don’t watch it much anymore, though it’s nice to see couples enjoy surprise dream weddings.

And of course, there’s the “Martha Stewart Show.”  The way Dani adores David, I’m the same about Martha.  If aliens came to earth and asked me to bring them to my leader, I’d take them to her. I watch her show daily, and there’s always wonderful tips.  She often has wedding features, and no matter what she does on the show, it often concerns decor and food, two really key elements to producing any wedding.

And she’s kind of gently snarky and witty with her guests in a way that just kills me.  One time Seth Meyers asked why she didn’t appear on SNL when asked, and she thought a second and said something like, “Oh! I think I was on probation.” And then she cackled hysterically. People:  She’s my HERO!

Should you need a palate cleanser from planning fatigue, though, take our advice:  Cop shows are just the thing.  Combine your anticipation for the honeymoon with your need for a brain tickler and watch Hawaii 5-O – it’s worth watching just for the scenery!