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Ahh, Pinterest. The first day you discover it, it’s almost like a new boyfriend – you spend hours together and can’t get enough of each other! Late nights staring at the computer screen, waking up exhausted the next day…quite a thrilling romance.

But Pinterest can cause sensory overload for a bride faced with far too many options. Here are a few tips to use it as efficiently and creatively as possible.

1. Create a board for every element of the wedding. Attire, florals, tabletop decor, ceremony, etc. Go crazy – pin like a looney. But try not to throw all ideas on one board at first.

Snapshot of a board showcasing rich natural elements for a wedding last fall

2. Pin photos of your venue on all decor boards for easy reference and to see if your ideas jive with the space. For example, if you are getting married in a formal ballroom but choosing rustic floral arrangements, pretty soon you’ll see they start to clash.

3. When you feel you’ve reached critical mass and have as many ideas as you can handle for each element, pick your favorite 3 to 5 ideas from each board and create a new board. Also be sure to add those photos of the venue.

4. On this new ‘master’ board, analyze carefully: Are there recurring themes? Do some elements clash – for example, are your ‘maid dress ideas in red but your decor in lavender? Perhaps it’s time to start pinning plum or purple dresses. By seeing your favorite ideas focused on to one board, you can start working to make them cohere together.

Black, white, and glamorous...a board playing with ideas for a chic Paris wedding

It’s so easy to pin like crazy, and don’t censor yourself – but be sure to winnow down your ideas to identify common themes. It will focus your design planning, control your budget, and overall, fine tune the vision for the big day. Happy pinning!