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Romance in the Rain at Castle Green

By March 23, 2011No Comments

Many brides have nightmares about rain on their wedding day.  Last weekend’s bride is incredibly laid back – as is her fiance – and she had already planned to have her ceremony inside.

So when the storm descended on Sunday, she didn’t bat a perfectly laquered eyelash.  She just smiled and sailed through the day.

I personally love rainy weather. I love the moodiness, the coziness. I love lighting a fireplace and hiding under a blanket. I also find rain terribly romantic, far more than sunny weather.  And Castle Green, with its exquisite decor and lush, dark wood, gold, and red decor, makes you feel like you dashed into a downtown hotel to wait out a storm.  The grand fireplace in the salon was lit just as guests started to arrive, and the mood was set: Romantic and warm, the best atmosphere – in my humble opinion – for a wedding.

The photos below are purely amateur, and soon Flutterglass Photography’s snaps will be up on the gallery. Jenna and Kira were amazing to work with. Till then – enjoy!

Just before the bride is 'given away'.

A long shot into the salon during cocktail hour. Forgive the horrible photo quality.

Go long!

Frosted Cupcakery....mmmmmm.