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The Allure of Estates

By November 11, 2010No Comments

I’ve been viewing private estates for clients lately, and I gotta say I’ve been loving my days by the beach.  The most stunning estates are those in Malibu; even those far from the beach have amazing views.

One thing I’ve noticed that’s quite charming, are all the animals at these places!  They’re usually inhabited homes so cats, dogs, and dolphins (okay, not as pets) linger around the home.

I ran into a very big, gentle old dog at Rancho Sol Del Pacifico, as well as a herd of wild Yorkies (luckily fenced off) as I rounded the corner of the lovely estate.  I had my hands full with various things, but I managed to get a terrible picture of the cat. (I know, exciting, right?)

Apparently he was moving too fast for me to get a good shot of his face.

At an estate I toured on Monday, we found an adorable white cat.  She seemed very friendly  Imagine: Being a cat who lives on a Malibu estate! If I come back as a feline, that’s the kind of life I want, right?

This is the life.

The most impressive display of the Wild Kingdom was at the Enchanted Sea Cottage, a charming estate right up to the shoreline.  As the owner, Toni, was showing me around, she pointed out the dolphins. I managed to get a good shot of them (click to enlarge and get the full effect) – in my 12 years living here, I’ve never seen them!

Lest you think I was too distracted by our furry friends to ask the right questions, rest assured I investigated several important items at every estate I toured, including:

  • Parking: How many spots onsite?  Carefully scheduling a shuttle service can minimize or eliminate the need for a valet altogether.
  • Insurance:  What type of policy do you need? 1mil or 2mil?
  • Where will you put the rented loos and scullery for catering?
  • Interior usage:  Are there any interior areas to be used for bride and groom? The bride at least needs a room to get ready.  Almost every estate comes with a bridal room and another for the groomsmen.  Most don’t rent out the rest of the interior for the base rental price, but some do offer accommodations for extra.

I’ll be hitting the beach a few more times and will be sure to report some of the best venues out there for beach weddings – estates and beyond.  It’s more affordable than you think!