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Whether or not to use the event planning services of wedding planners is one of the most crucial decisions a couple has to make regarding their marriage, which can have drastic consequences during the whole planning process – including the wedding day itself.

The important decision mainly depends on four elements:

  1. The scale of the wedding (huge number of guests or limited, complex venue logistics or simple hotel wedding)
  2. Time required by couples in designing and planning the wedding event
  3. Management capability of the couple regarding event/wedding management
  4. Finally, the budget is very crucial to determine.  Wedding couples frequently underestimate the costs of all the services required for a successful event.

What should a wedding planner do?

The primary task of a wedding planner is to gauge the needs of each couple in order to be competent in bringing their demand into action. A highly competent wedding planner will act as a great listener, manager, and innovator, implementing the various tactics, tools, and supplies to create an awesome event that will stun the wedding couple and their guests.

It’s important to find an experienced wedding planner with whom you get along, who appreciates your tastes and styles, and makes you comfortable.

Malibu Rocky Oaks Couple Helipad Weddig

An out-of-the-box space, like Malibu Rocky Oaks in Los Angeles, often require a professional planner to be on board for your wedding day. Photo by Slickforce Studio.


The following are 7 benefits your wedding planner can provide:

  1. Bringing peace of mind while taking on all responsibilities of the wedding


  1. They are knowledgeable of costs and can create a wallet-friendly budget


  1. They know how to keep guests happy with attractive event themes and special touches, such as personalized wedding favors.


  1. They are highly experienced in finding and booking  awe-inspiring venues


  1. They will find the best vendors and, due to their relationships with vendors, negotiate optimal prices for their services


  1. They understand how to put together a crowd-pleasing wedding menu without breaking the bank


  1. Some planners even work with travel agents to help you plan the best and most affordable honeymoon packages


Wedding Reception at Rancho Del Cielo, Malibu, with dark wood folding chairs

Ensuring your wedding has all it needs – from lighting to rental chairs and linens and more – all fall under a wedding planner’s responsibilities. Venue: Rancho Del Cielo. Photography: Katie Geiberger Photography

Wedding Planning Services are very expensive – A general myth

The most general misconception about hiring a wedding planner is that this will blow the budget with high costs. This is definitely not true, and you can essentially term it a myth. Wedding planners can be budget-friendly, depending on your needs and what you’re willing to spend.

And, on top of all the planning, wedding planners and their teams will be attending the wedding day to ensure the wedding goes smoothly and his or her services are meeting high standards. This will definitely include the guests’ experience and satisfaction. In case of emergencies, the wedding planners will take care of them without bothering you and your families. Hence, wedding planners take out all the headaches of the wedding experience and ensure a big gala event for the most important day of your life.

Most importantly, wedding planners know how to negotiate, due to their outstanding and long-term relationships with top-notch vendors.  The cost savings you experience may very likely total the fee you are paying your planner.  In other words – they pay for themselves!

However, if you are severely  limited with your budget, you can also approach wedding planners and ask for their advice for occasional hourly consultations, or hire a wedding coordinator instead, who tackles logistics only, ensuring at the least that your big day goes smoothly and successfully.

At the end of the day, an innovative, experienced wedding planner optimizes the experience of your wedding, ensuring a stunning event while carefully controlling costs.  This means reducing stress for you and your families while saving time, effort, and even money too!