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Sleep Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

By January 7, 2020No Comments
People, I’m not going to tell you I’ve mastered the art of feeling like a brand new woman every morning – I’m still working on it. But my energy levels have gotten better, and I’ve been able to get up earlier than before, without issue.  Here’s my sleep tips for better rest:

How to be a well-rested entrepreneur

When I was running my company, I worried constantly at first.  Every detail of every client’s wedding, as well as the high-stress reality of being paycheck to paycheck the first years of building the business, meant there was always something to worry about.  So, I started listing all my outstanding issues at the end of the day, and also balanced my checking account; then, before I went to bed, noting anything at all that I could worry about.  Before long, by the time my head hit the pillow, I had exorcised out of my system all the little nagging details that would keep me up.

Protect your time like it’s sacred

A client is running late to a meeting?  An event goes into overtime with no notice? Put your foot down with these issues.  Tell the late client you have 50 more minutes to meet with him or her, and make the meeting more efficient, and actually LEAVE when their time is up. Charge your client going later than contracted, your overtime fee, and collect it then and there.  Time overruns mean you work later and harder, with wasted energy, and this has a negative affect on your sleep.  So protecting your time makes a difference; for example, that Overtime fee may allow you to hire your assistant for an extra hour to get some additional work done, so you can sleep late the next day.  This is why there are extra fees for extra work, and why late clients aren’t tolerated – to minimize the impact on your productivity, and thus, your health and rest.

Make a self care routine, and stick to it.

For me, it’s applying a mask every Sunday, feeling my pores get smaller and my spirit become refreshed.  For you, it may be one journal entry a day.  Or, meditation. (And there are apps for that, too!) Whatever your routine, make it do-able with your busy schedule, and flexible – if you force it to happen on one specific day a week, it may be knocked off your plate due to unpredictable work schedules, so have a backup time to do it. Just be SURE to do it!

Sleep Tips Around the Web

Articles like this one offer really great advice for sleep, especially the tip to set the same bedtime every night. My mistake is I stay up WAY too late on weekends, so  I’m trying to mitigate that – we all have challenges. But during the week, I’m in bed no later than 10pm.  I network during the day, not during the evening, to assist in this goal. Make the adjustments you need in your life to ensure you  have a nice, orderly routine for sleep. Also, I recently started using a pedometer that tracks sleep, and it’s made a huge difference in seeing how much good quality sleep I’m getting every night –  highly recommended.